Chris Foster gearing up for year two with Priceville football virtually


PRICEVILLE, Ala. – The Priceville football team finished 8-4 last season and made it to round two of the playoffs.

As Chris Foster gets ready for his second season leading the Bulldogs, he’s having to prepare a little differently this spring due to COVID-19.

“The main thing we’ve done, is luckily we have an app that we use for our workouts,” Foster said. “So we’ve sent bodyweight workouts. Obviously, most of them don’t have weight equipment at home, so you have to come up with something that they can use to still be productive with. And so we’ve been using an app for bodyweight workouts. We’ve been making whole team messages on Remind. We are currently working on developing some videos and stuff for, like installs for offense and defense, on Google Classroom and we’re hoping to roll that out once they finish up school. We’re trying to be cognizant of the fact they still have school work they’ve got to do at home, which is a little different from normal instead of someone being there in a classroom making sure that they’re doing the work or that it’s on them to do their schoolwork at home on their own type deal.”

We asked Foster if he has encountered any complications while preparing for year two virtually.

“We had an abbreviated off-season with me last year and then this year we’re obviously going to have another abbreviated one,” Foster said. “So I guess for us, we’re at least used to installing stuff without a lot of time. I guess, you know, some other teams had a full spring last year so they’re having to make it a larger adjustment than we are probably. I think it’s been tough on the bonding part. I think that’s really the biggest thing that they’ll miss. We can develop workouts that they can do on their own, we can develop ways to install offense and defense, the bonding part, you know, the camaraderie you have in the locker room and stuff like that is the part I don’t think you can really make up. That’s kind of the hard part right so that is probably what they miss more than anything I would imagine. I think the big thing is we were just wanting to continue building the program up.”

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