Bulldogs Put on the Pads

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NORMAL—Day three and four of the Bulldog football camp saw the players don shoulder pads and continue conditioning and individual drills and 7 -on – 7 sequences. 

“The kids on defense are running real good and picking up the schemes,” said defensive coordinator Brawnski Towns. “I’m really pleased with the conditioning they are in which helps when we start hitting.”
On Saturday, August 4, the A&M football team donned their full pads and held their first hitting drill.
“It’s time for a little clucking today, no time to be scared,” Towns mentioned.
That’s exactly what happened at the Alabama A&M football practice field as the players were chattering throughout the first hour and a half of practice.  Once the whistle blew for the Oklahoma drill it suddenly got eerily quiet.  Then the chattering began as the offense and defensive players prepared for their first opportunity to hit this fall.
“The coaches and I wanted to see what guys wanted to compete when it’s hot and tough,” head coach Anthony Jones said.  “We will go back and watch the film to see who were making football plays.  The guys who were ready to play they had fun but the ones who didn’t know a lot about college football were a little gun shy.”
The drill pits the offensive line versus the defensive line, the linebackers versus the running backs and the defensive backs versus the wide receivers.   Two men enter a symbolic box with a ball carrier lining up behind the offensive players trying to score before being pushed out of bounds or being tackled.  The action was intense as both sides were eager to put their mark on the other with the losing side awaiting the dreaded up down drill.  The event came down to the battle of the trenches with the best two offensive linemen versus two defensive linemen.  The offense came out on top with the pair of Jamal Johnson-Webb and Joaquenssi Eugene dominating two inexperience D-lineman.
“We play fill the gap with whoever is up,” said D-line coach Gary Harper.  “It won’t matter during the game whose in so it shouldn’t matter in practice.”
Practice continued with the inside the run drill then the one -on – one blocking drills while the 7-on-7 was taking place.  The defense got their revenge then with starting quarterback Deaunte Mason throwing two interceptions on balls that were under thrown.
“I seen the defense and the offense making plays today and as a head coach that’s what you want,” Jones said.  “With both sides competing eventually you will have two strong units going out for your season opener.”
Courtesy: AAMU Media Relations