Brooks football missing team bonding time without spring practice


KILLEN, Ala. – Since Brad Black took over as head coach of Brooks Football, the program has become synonymous with winning.

The Lions from Killen are hoping their hard work and dedication during the COVID-19 pandemic will pay off when they get the green light to take the field again.

Olivia Whitmire “What would you normally be doing the second week of May?”

Brad Black “We’d be starting our second week of spring. Yesterday would have been to start our second week of spring, this Thursday would have been our spring jamboree our county wide jamboree, which is always a really good event for us to just kind of see where you’re at as a team. Our kids have accepted it pretty well you know they’ve been reaching out to us about things that they need to do and all that kind of stuff, so we’re excited that they’re hungry to do those things you know they’re not looking for a way not to do something so we’re excited about that. It is bittersweet in the sense that you know the obviously the spring stuff getting canceled, which affected a lot of kids even kids that are coming back, but our kids are hungry to get back and ready to go back to work.

Olivia Whitmire “What have you guys tried to tell them to do working out was at home anything special during this time to just keep them active and keep football in their minds?”

Brad Black “Our social media guy does a good job he sends out workouts every morning. Obviously they are limited to the things that you have to do those workouts with, but the biggest thing is stay at home, stay safe, do the things that you can do at home inside and I think everybody’s kind of in the same boat. As coaches in the area we’ve talked about, I know I’ve had a lot call me and I’ve called a bunch, to see and what everybody was doing kind of bouncing ideas off each other and everybody’s kind of in the same boat you know we’re just giving them something to do to stay active as they can, inside of the sense that we know that they have limited things to do that with.”

Olivia Whitmire “Of course this is impacting you guys on the field as a football team but this is a time where you guys are used to being together the guys are used to hanging out all the time. What is it been like taking this step away from the team as far as you know bonding?”

Brad Black “To me that’s what we’re missing the most. We can talk about spring training, we can talk about installation periods and all these things that we’re missing but the biggest thing to me is that team chemistry that you’re missing. The time together going through the hard times in the summer workouts and in the spring training stuff that you know that’s why you hope the summer gets back and gets as normal as it can so they can get as much of that stuff as they can. We did a lot of 6 a.m. stuff and you saw who was dedicated and some of the kids didn’t get to go through that you know we’re trying to trying to see about those guys and when they come out how that kind of stuff but you know just haven’t had that time to time to bond with each other and be the team concept that you love to see.”

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