Brewer Hicklen staying positive despite losing the minor league baseball season


HUNTSVILLE, Ala. – Two weeks ago, it was announced that there will not be a Minor League Baseball season played in 2020.

This impacts teams and players all over the country, including our local guys who play at this level.

One of those players is former Huntsville High standout Brewer Hicklen who plays for the Kansas City Royals organization.

It’s been months since Hicklen has played baseball competitively and it’s possible that it’ll turn into a full year without playing the game that he loves.

“I kind of anticipated it happening, but I wasn’t really sure that they were gonna go ahead and pull the trigger that quick after starting up the big league teams,” Hicklen said. “It definitely was a weird feeling my stomach sank and just kind of a disheartening feeling knowing that you’re not gonna be able to play competitive baseball in the summer and going into the fall.”

Hicklen says this break from baseball has really made him appreciate getting to play the game even more and he’s already looking forward to getting back out on the field whenever the day comes that it’s safe for all baseball to return.

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