(WHNT) — Former Huntsville High baseball standout Brewer Hicklen has had some life changes recently; he moved from the Royals to the Phillies organization and his wife Reagan gave birth to their first child, Harrison.

A new team and a new family member can certainly change your life a bit, but something that’s remained the same for Hicklen over the years is his desire to give back to the North Alabama community.

That feeling of wanting to give back is why he’s back for the Brewer Hicklen Baseball Camp presented by Academy Sports. The 2023 edition will be the 6th camp that Hicklen has hosted here in the 256.

It’ll be another year of high energy and fast-paced action, focusing on the basic fundamentals of the game but most importantly to Hicklen, it won’t just be about baseball.

“We pride ourselves on making sure that we’re intentional in everything we do. There’s one coach for every 10 players, so all the players are going to get hands-on training. They’re going to learn a lot about the game of baseball but more importantly, they’re going to learn about life,” Hicklen said. “They’re going to learn that really the game of baseball is minute in the grand scheme of things and that’s something we really want these kids to understand is that life’s bigger than the game of baseball. One of the most rewarding things is just seeing the smiles as they walk out. They’re just completely exhausted but they always just say ‘Mr. Brewer, Mr. Brewer we had so much fun’ and it’s something that never gets old and something I wish I could bottle and capture but it’s something that I always appreciate.”

Hicklen’s camp will be held at Bob Jones High School on Saturday, November 11 from 8-12:30 p.m. The camp is open to players ages 6-14. For more information, go to Hicklen’s website.