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NEWPORT BEACH, Cal. (WHNT) – Two days after the BCS National Championship game, some people are still trying to get home, including some WHNT News 19 staff members.

Flights have been cancelled and many people who came to California for the game are trying to figure out when they’re going to go home.

“It’s tough, I’m sure people want to get home, we always have a reason and timing for going back to where we started,” said Jenny Wedge, spokesperson for John Wayne Airport in Orange County, California.

Freezing temperatures are causing flights to stay grounded in California.

“It probably means several delays, I know that each day for the past three or four days we’ve had a handful of cancellations,” said Wedge.

But if you’re going to get stuck somewhere, California isn’t a bad place to be.

“It’s unfortunate because people need to get where they want to go but hopefully they’re finding a few more things to do and sightsee while they’re here,” said Wedge.