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PASADENA, Ca. (WHNT)– Michigan State fans were easy to spot in Pasadena Thursday.   After beating Stanford in the Rose Bowl they were wearing their green and white proudly.

“Pretty exciting.  Pretty exciting,” said Das Campbell, a Spartans fan. ” This was my first Rose Bowl ever.  And it was unbelievable.   It’s hard to describe it honestly.  It was just super.”

They say Auburn fans headed out to California need to take time to appreciate the beauty and the overall experience.

“Obviously it is better because we won, but I tell you I would have been happy to be there even if we had lost I would be happy.”

Most Michigan State fans we spoke with say they are supporting Auburn against Florida State.   Auburn fans were rooting hard for the Spartans against  Ohio State.   When the Buckeyes lost, it opened up a spot for Auburn in the BCS title game.

“Great game against Alabama.  Continue to play hard against Florida State,” Spartans fan Chris Joslin told us.  “I will be pulling for Auburn.  I’m just not a big Florida State fan this year.”