Baseball players thankful to be playing at Toyota Field


MADISON, Ala. – The Rocket City Baseball Classic has been full of action and all of the teams are loving the chance to play at the brand new Toyota Field.

For these players, being back out on the baseball field is an incredible feeling; they had their high school seasons canceled due to COVID-19 and they really didn’t know the next time they’d be out on the baseball field so now they’re fired up and ready to go.

“It really is great, we’re all so excited to be out here,” said Excel Blue Sox’s Gavin Orcutt. “It’s just like playing little league again we’re all so excited for every single game. Even though high school got cut off we’re just out here playing as hard as we can because you never know like when our last game is.”

“It feels really great because sitting at home you missed the boys when you come back and you go at it as hard as we did it was great, really great,” said Giants 2’s Aaron Pearson.

“Man it’s awesome as soon as the kids pulled up they were so excited they thought we were playing at the Braves stadium,” said Excel Blue Sox’s head coach TJ Dixon. “They’ve done an awesome job with this stadium and it’s so nice, so it’s really good to be the first ones playing on this field.”

“It’s great. Honestly, I was scared of everything being canceled but I’m just glad to be back and be able to play,” said Giants 2’s Alex Drake. “It was great. I just hope I get to play in the future somewhere like this.”

The Classic continues all day Saturday, June 20 with games at Toyota Field and James Clemens.

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