Auburn University asking fans not to roll the oak tree damaged by weekend fire


(Photo Courtesy of Madison Newton)

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AUBURN, Ala.— Due to the intentional burning of the Oak at Toomer’s corner last weekend, Auburn University is asking fans to refrain from rolling the damaged tree during this weekend’s homecoming celebrations. Revelers are asked to keep any rolling to the Auburn Oak along College Street.

The oak  on Magnolia Avenue was significantly burned by the fire, and experts won’t know the extent of the damage for some time.

“There is little or no healthy foliage on the burnt tree. Most of the remaining leaves will drop off over the next week or so,” said Gary Keever, professor of horticulture. “We will have to wait until next spring to see what long-term effects the fire had.”

Keever will use a lift this week to examine the canopy of the oak more closely.

“I don’t think the fire killed the tree, but we may never see it return to its appearance before this act,” he said.

Auburn officials remind fans not to roll the 10 descendant oak trees lining the walkway between Toomer’s Corner and Samford Hall. Those trees were recently planted, and were grown from acorns collected from the original Auburn Oaks.

Auburn hosts the University of Louisiana-Monroe Saturday at 2:30 p.m.