Athens football prepping for safe return to practice


ATHENS, Ala. – The AHSAA has given high school football teams the green light to get started again as early as June 1, and that’s when the Athens Golden Eagles plan to return to practice.

Athens head coach Cody Gross says he was a little shocked when he heard the news that they could get back to work in June, but he said it was a pleasant surprise and he’s ready to get back on the field.

“We’re going to start June 1, that is our plan, go follow the guidelines that we’ve been given, and be very careful about what we do and kind of ease our guys back into get in shape a little bit because even though we’ve some workouts out to them and I would hope that they’ve done them all I kind of know how human nature is,” Gross said. “I’m going into this thing assuming that they’ve done nothing. As of today, we will bring them in one group, we’ve got plenty of space where we can space them out and within that group obviously we’ll put them in much smaller groups.”

Gross says he thinks returning to the football field will be a little bit of a weird experience, but he says this will probbaly be the most excited he’s been to be on the field in quite some time.

“With this hiatus that we we’ve been on, I think everybody’s gonna come back renewed and refreshed and with a little bit more of a sense of thankfulness as we get back on the field,” Gross said. “It’s really about relationship and it’s about people. It’s not really about the X’s and O’s and it’s not about really anything other than the people. We talk about the locker room all the time; well, we’re not getting in the locker room, we’re not getting in the building and you’re not gonna step foot in the locker room, but at least give that team back together and try to continue to work on that team chemistry.”

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