As Godsey enters year two at the helm, Madison Academy gears up for 4A football

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HUNTSVILLE, Ala. – Some high school football teams are moving up in classification this season while others like Madison Academy are moving down. Mustangs’ head coach Bob Godsey talks about taking on the 4A ranks as well as his expectations entering year two with the Mustangs.

Rocco DiSangro: Talked to some coaches and they’re moving up a class and this is the first year they’ll be moving up a class and they can’t physically meet with their team or hold practices or what not. For you guys you’re moving down a class and you still can’t meet with your team but is that an advantage in any way shape or form or is that just kind of go with the flow.

Bob Godsey: I don’t think so you know we’re still in transition, we’ve got a lot of new guys to the program lot of new kids entire new coaching staff so we really need time together face to face to get to know one another. I think we’ve accomplished everything you can online. Just looking forward to an opportunity of getting together, moving up or moving down we’re just really concerned on ourselves just trying to improve and get better. 

RD: The goal for a lot of teams I would assume any year is to make the postseason. You guys did that last year. But what could you improve on going into 2020 and what are some goals you set for this squad?

BG: We’re excited you know MA has an unbelievable tradition and we’re looking to build on that and our guys understand that they want to carry that torch you know as it should be carried so we’re just looking at improving ourselves learning how to work harder, play harder, be a little disciplined with what we do. 

RD: Teams under you have most recently played a 6A schedule, a 5A schedule, now you go and play a 4A schedule. As a head coach what are you looking forward to the most about playing that schedule this upcoming season?

BG: Well we still have a good blend of 6A and 5A with Briarwood and Scottsboro and Russellville those are some pretty big hitters right there who have done a lot so we’ve got a share of that. Once again I think for us it just comes back to us we’ve got to handle our business, push ourselves daily to be the best we can be and feel like things will take care of themselves. That’s kind of always been the motto, “handle what you can handle” and we just want to make sure we’re living to the standard. We want to do things right we want to do them with great effort. If we can accomplish those three things the winning will take care of itself.

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