Arab football planning return to the practice field


ARAB, Ala. – Lee Ozmint has run out of the tunnel at Bryant-Denny Stadium too many times to count; the Arab head football coach was a four year letterman with the Alabama Crimson Tide back in the 80s.

He lived the dream of playing in the SEC, but Ozmint says nothing compares to football Fridays in the south and he’s excited to be able to get back out on the field with his team as the gear up for the season ahead.

“We’ve had a plan in place for about three weeks for June 8 and that’s when we’re gonna start,” Ozmint said. “We’re gonna keep our social distancing; we’ve already organized the team into small groups and we placed a coach in charge of each group 10 or less. We’ve got five stations and the groups will never get within 60 feet of each other. We’ll never get close to each other and we’ll get our workout in, it’ll take us about an hour and 50 minutes, we’ll send them home and then the next group will come in and we’ll be able to work in two shifts.”

Ozmint says they’ve split their team up in groups by position and will move them through their workout rotation with five different stations set up.

Ozmint adds that he knows this will be a unique experience getting his team back into action but he’s thrilled to be able to train in person again.

“It’s gonna be interesting to say the least, but I’m just happy I’m just happy that we’re gonna get to come back,” Ozmint said. “I’m just happy we’re gonna be able to see them just because these kids some of them this is only structure that they have. Now some of them they’re probably more structured at home than they are at school, but there’s some that this is the only structure that they get and just to be a part of the group again I think it’s gonna make a lot of difference in the lives of some of these young men, especially mine.”

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