Albertville Aggies prepping for first season playing 7A ball


ALBERTVILLE, Ala. – The Albertville Aggies were back on the practice field for day two of summer workouts gearing up for the upcoming season.

In order to comply with all the new necessary guidelines, the Aggies are rotating groups through their main weight room, their gym weight room and then out on the field as well.

When out on the field, that group then separates into smaller groups and they rotate through four separate stations.

The Aggies have also added additional sanitation stations in their fieldhouse and are wiping down and cleaning gear in between groups.

Head coach Cliff Mitchell is getting ready for his second season leading the Aggies; plus, his team is prepping for the change to 7A ball, which is a challenge they say they’re ready for.

“Getting ready for 7A some people say challenge but we’re looking at it ready to take it head on, so we’re looking at it as a good opportunity for us to show what we can do,” Mitchell said.

Mitchell says he’s thankful to be back in person with his team and he’s pleased with how workouts have been going so far.

“It felt like the first day of school all the guys were excited you could tell,” Mitchell said. “I know some of the buddies had been hanging out together, but they haven’t all seen each other so they were excited.”

“We just gotta trust the process we’ve got to go out there and grind every day and do our thing and leadership’s a big thing this year for us,” said Albertville senior wide receiver Zion Davis.

“It feels great I’ve hated having to sit home and not see the guys for however long 78 days or something like that so it just feels good to be out here with everybody again,” said Albertville senior center Jackson Godwin. “I missed it a lot I was texting these guys every day trying to get them running and trying to get them doing something. Everybody’s been holding each other accountable, so most people have been doing something it’s just missing the brotherhood a lot.”

Albertville is set to open the 2020 season against Arab on August 20.

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