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MONROE, La. – Two Alabama players, Cam Robinson and Hootie Jones, will not be prosecuted. That’s according to our news partners at

The District Attorney in Monroe announced the decision through court documents.

The documents say the D.A. did not find sufficient evidence to prosecute the case against the men. The charges were not dropped completely, however. The clerk’s office said the case could proceed in the future if new evidence is presented. But for now, no future court dates are scheduled.

According to the police report, Robinson and Jones were arrested May 17th in a public park in Monroe after 2 a.m. Police spotted their car parked in a closed public park. Both were charged with possession of marijuana. Jones had a gun in his lap. A second gun, determined to be stolen, was found under Robinson’s seat.

Alabama coach Nick Saban said multiple times he’d wait for the legal process before deciding punishments for his two players.