Alabama remembers Hank Aaron


SPORTS – The late Milo Hamilton with one of the greatest calls in baseball history, 715 home runs for Hank Aaron. Passing Babe Ruth for the most all-time.

Vin Scully was in the booth for the Dodgers it’s rare to hear the play by play person of the opposing team get as fired up as he did. Especially, when a guy hits a shot off your pitcher but he knew this was bigger than sports. Scully calling it a marvelous moment for the world.

A black man getting a standing ovation in the deep south.

Hank Aaron died today at the age of 86 but his legend not only as a baseball player but as a person will live on forever.

Aaron was born in Mobile in 1934, he dealt with both poverty and racism at a young age. As a player, he got called names, received hate mail, and even received death threats. Through all of that he prevailed and will go down as one of the best if not ‘the’ best to ever play the game.

Mark McCarter was a columnist at the Chattanooga Times Free Press and was fortunate enough to cover Aaron’s 715th home run. “I remember that mass at home plate and I watched the replay forever and ever and ever. I watched it today and you see that love fest that was home plate and it was so genuine. What Henry did for Atlanta in the late 60s and early 70s was a huge help to prepare and build a bridge I think between the two races in Atlanta. It certainly was a different time then.”

Trash Pandas President and CEO Ralph Nelson is someone who was fortunate enough to spend some time with Aaron after his career on the field was over.

Nelson says what made his time with Aaron so special was just seeing how humble he really was.

Despite the fact that Aaron is known by everyone as one of the greats you’d never know that by just hanging out with him. Nelson remembers, “You know you’d eat lunch with one of the greatest players of all time between sessions of a farm directors meeting or a general managers meeting. Baseball people all kinda enjoy each other’s company and the thing about Hank is he was just another guy in the room and yet he was the greatest hitter of all time at that point.”

Barry Bonds may have the most home runs in the record book, but to Braves fans and many across the nation Hank Aaron is the true home run king.