Alabama A&M Football shows what virtual recruiting is like

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HUNTSVILLE, Ala. – We’re in a time where most things are being done virtually including college football recruiting. Alabama A&M is doing its best to grab the interest of high school student-athletes, and here’s a look at how they’re doing it.

“So this is how it starts out welcome to Alabama A&M University this is our 2020 Bulldog Football Virtual presentation,” said Fred Farrier. 

Farrier is the running backs coach and recruiting coordinator for the Bulldogs. One of his most important duties is to get high school kids to buy in to the A&M program even during the COVID-19 pandemic.

In a condensed version of Alabama A&M Football’s virtual tour, Farrier shows me exactly what he shows the recruits.

“So they get an opportunity to hear from our head coach and then we kind of get into meeting our staff, our full staff,” Farrier adds.

The tour is not just football related.

“I go through the history of Alabama A&M and how it started in 1875 on a church in downtown Eustis Street with the enactment of the Morrill Act of 1862,” says Farrier.

High school juniors and seniors learn about the university in its entirety as well as the goals of the team.

Number one and not necessarily in that order I kind of changed this around,” said Farrier. “Number one win a SWAC Championship you get an opportunity to play in the Air Force Reserve Celebration Bowl and have an opportunity at an HBCU National Championship and then obviously our most important goal is to get an Alabama A&M degree.”

Then he gets more into football, showing some clips of the offense and defense, giving recruits a feel of what it would be like to play in the Bulldogs’ system.

Following the powerpoint presentation comes a drone flyover of the entire Alabama A&M campus. While staying in the moment and adjusting to these times, the football program in Normal, AL is setting itself up for continued success going forward.

“By the time we get to the end of it Rocco they’ve seen everything I mean they’re very comfortable,”added Farrier. “They’ve seen pictures of all our coaches. They’ve seen me talk, they’ve heard our head coach talk and it really gives parents students and coaches a great feel for our university. Again we’ve done this for a couple of coaching associations and the feedback that we’ve gotten from them has been absolutely phenomenal basically saying out of all the schools across the country at every level. Power 5 included, our presentation was one of the top two they’ve seen all year.”