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MADISON, Ala. – If you live in Alabama, you’ve probably been asked once or twice who do you root for? Auburn or Alabama.

The rivalry runs deep in this state; some choose the Crimson Tide and others cheer for the Tigers. WHNT News 19 sat down with one couple in Madison and they’re both ready for the iron bowl, but their house is divided.

“We don’t watch games together and we don’t go to games together,” said Tyler Mann, a die hard Alabama fan.

Tyler and Susan Mann have been married for five years and somehow their respective football teams haven’t really gotten in the way.

“When we got married I told him I’d be on like the five to ten year track of being okay with Alabama, but as that gets closer we’ve been married five years now and as it gets closer I just can’t it hurts to say roll tide. I can’t,” said Susan Mann, Tyler’s wife and Auburn fan.

“I think that’s the only vow she made me that I really had no confidence in that she was gonna carry out her word there,” Tyler said.

A lot of football rivalry weeks are filled with talking about the upcoming game, but Iron Bowl week in this household means the exact opposite.

“It’s unspoken tension in the air during Iron Bowl week,” Tyler said.

“Probably a lot of avoidance we try to not bring it up. One thing is he is a pretty good trash talker and I’m not so I try to not bring it up, but I mean the Iron Bowl is so unpredictable we’ve both learned to kind of keep our mouth shut,” Susan said.

“Vegas doesn’t know everything when it comes to this game you can’t measure passion and enthusiasm, whichever team shows up ready to play on Saturday is the one that’s gonna win,” Tyler said.

“Or catches a short field goal and runs it back I mean you just never know,” Susan said.

WHNT News 19 wanted to know if the Manns’ would ever cheer for their spouses’ team and they said their son might be the only way.

“If we’re ever at a family get together and somebody hands Evan and a present and it’s an Auburn shirt they know I’m gonna shoot them the glance across the room. I won’t say anything about it but they know,” he said.

“We’re just trying to remain as neutral as possible around him and let him make his own choices,” she said. “I think it’s gonna be until our son who’s two goes to college and if he went to one I think it would soften the other one.”

For now, their house remains divided.

“Roll tide,” Tyler said. “War eagle hey!” Susan said.