AHSAA details social distancing guidelines during halftime performances

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The Alabama High School Athletic Association posted a reminder Thursday regarding social distancing during halftime events.

In order to maintain social distancing between students, AHSAA recommends halftime events be planned so that teams and bands can enter and exit the field without contact.

Each school will be given 10 minutes for their band/cheer/dance performance on the field. The contest referee will start the game clock once the group lines up on the field for the performance.

Officials suggest that both bands stay in the stands until teams have exited the field. Once a band is on the field, they will have 10 minutes to perform. The second band may then perform for 10 minutes only after the first band leaves the field.

The contest official will permit teams to return to the field after both bands have returned to the stands. Each team will have three minutes to warm up.