A record-tying kickoff return in this week’s Plays of the Week


5. Colbert Heights vs. Colbert County — Slade Berryman intends to pass and slings it downfield with a receiver ready, but Kannon Push says “Hey, I’m gonna take that, thanks,” and picks it off. Pugh came out of nowhere for the interception, and if he didn’t lose his balance, who knows how far he would have gone?

4. Westminster Christian vs. Lawrence County — Brandon Musch finds his guy, Evan Sheppard, and the playmaker is gone. Westminster took at 21-14 lead with that play and went on to get their first win of the season. It was an incredible pass by Musch, and then Sheppard wasn’t going to let anyone stand in his way to the end zone.

3. James Clemens vs. Briarwood Christian — The Lions tried to get something going, but Jamal Mayers said not today. Mayers is a ball hawk, gets the pick and the six. No one could come close to stopping him, and he proved defense wins football games!

2. Ardmore at Clements — Ardmore’s Cole Doss looking to pass and fires it to Connor Harbin, who takes a page out of Derrick Henry’s book with the stiff arm, and somehow, some way, he stayed in bounds for a big time touchdown run.

1. Mars Hill vs. Cullman — The Panthers waste no time at all on this one. Peyton Higgins went to work, cutting up the middle and taking the kickoff all the way to the house for a 92-yard touchdown. Higgins is tied for the most kickoff returns for a touchdown in AHSAA history.

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