Which tray strand is best?

Often used in restaurants or hotels, tray stands are lightweight, foldable stands that can be easily set up to support serving trays or luggage. While tray stands are a great addition for small businesses, tray stands can also be used as a stylish support for your home bar or house plants.  Whether you are looking for a decorative stand to add to your home or a practical stand for your small business, an excellent choice to check out is the New Star Mahogany Finish Birchwood Tray Stand

What to know before you buy a tray stand

Tray stand construction

Tray stands utilize a simple construction for optimal weight support and easy storage. Typically, tray stands have four legs that connect in an X shape with nylon belts along the top. This design allows the stand to be stable and sturdy, while also being lightweight enough to be folded up and stored relatively easily. Tray stands are typically constructed using wood, metal and plastic.

Wood: With a variety of wood color, finishes and styles, there is a wide variety of options when it comes to wooden tray stands. However, due to their construction, wooden tray stands require more consistent maintenance and are significantly heavier than other tray stand options. 

Metal: A more contemporary look, metal tray stands are available in a variety of colors. Most metal tray stands have rubber feet at the bottom of each leg, providing extra traction, stability and added floor protection. While metal tray stands may not offer the most elegant look, they are significantly more durable, lightweight and easier to clean than other tray stand options.  

Plastic: Ideal for casual or outdoor environments, plastic tray stands are durable, lightweight and incredibly easy to clean. Available in a variety of colors and finishes, plastic tray stands can look incredibly up-scale without being expensive. Rust-proof and scratch-proof, plastic tray stands are built to last.

Tray stand height

Typically, tray stands are available in three different height options; dining, counter or bar. Depending on the height of the tables you are serving or the look you are going for, you may find one height to be more preferable than another. 

Dining height tray stands have a shorter, wider stance, making them ideal for supporting heavy serving trays. Typically used in hotels or restaurants, counter tray stands have a slightly wider leg stance on the bottom, making them ideal for supporting heavy luggage. Then, offering the same level of support capabilities as other height options, bar height tray stands tend to have a more stylish look, making them great options for at-home decorating, dinner parties or upscale events. 

Serving tray size and shape

Be sure to consider the size and shape of the trays you intend to use atop your tray stand. To prevent any falling trays or damaged items, it’s best to opt for a tray stand that will be able to provide well balanced support of your tray. For example, if you plan on using wide, rectangular shaped serving trays, then a dining or counter height tray stand may work best. For circular or square shaped serving trays, a bar height tray stand may be ideal. 

What to look for in a quality tray stand

Ease of cleaning

To optimize the practical use and convenience of your tray stand, it’s best to choose a model that is easy to clean. Typically, metal or plastic tray stands will be easiest to clean and need less frequent maintenance, whereas wooden tray stands may require more consistent upkeep. 

Transport and storage

High-quality tray stands should have rust-proof, reinforced hinges that allow for seamless folding and easy storage. While the most lightweight options may not have the most elegant look, they are great when it comes to convenience and ease of use. Generally, lightweight options are best for business use, and heavy options are best for at home use. 

How much you can expect to spend on a tray stand

Depending on the material and height of the tray stand, expect to spend $40-$80 dollars. Plastic or metal tray stands tend to be cheaper, while wooden tray stands tend to be more expensive. 

Tray stand FAQ

How heavy are tray stands?

A. When it comes to weight, plastic or metal tray stands tend to be lighter while wooden tray stands are heavier. Typically, plastic and metal tray stands tend to weigh less than 5 pounds, while wooden tray stands can weigh up to 10 pounds. 

How can you clean the tray stand without damaging it?

A. For plastic or metal, using a microfiber cloth and antibacterial spray is the best way to keep your tray stand looking spotless. For wooden tray stands, it is best to wipe down the stand with a non-abrasive cleaner followed by protective polish or wood conditioner. 

What’s the best tray stand to buy?

Top tray stand

New Star Mahogany Finish Birchwood Tray Stand

New Star Mahogany Finish Birchwood Tray Stand

What you need to know: This elegant tray stand is perfect for anyone looking to add practical decor to their home or business. 

What you’ll love: The natural wood construction of this tray stand ensures durability with a stylish look. Thanks to the bottom braces, double straps and reinforced hinges, you can rest assured that this product will hold under any amount of pressure. This stand is available in dining or counter height models. 

What you should consider: This product is 100% natural wood, which is great for the overall look, but may not be the optimal choice when it comes to a fast-paced dining environment as it will be a little heavier than plastic or metal models.  

Where to buy: Sold by Amazon

Top lightweight tray stand

Winco Chrome Folding Tray Stand

Winco Chrome Folding Tray Stand

What you need to know: This stainless steel tray stand is lightweight and durable, making it the perfect option for entertaining outdoors. 

What you’ll love: The stainless steel construction ensures that this product is rust-proof and incredibly lightweight. The stainless steel design provides a classic look that will match nearly any aesthetic. The rubber feet along the legs are a great addition for protecting your floors. 

What you should consider: This tray stand is only available at a counter height.

Where to buy: Sold by Amazon

Worth checking out

Lavish Home Accent Tray Stand Table

Lavish Home Accent Tray Stand Table

What you need to know: Designed for the home, this tray stand is perfect for displaying decor or plants, or it can be used as a side table. 

What you’ll love: The wood construction ensures that this product is both practical and stylish. Collapsable and relatively lightweight, this stand can be easily stored or moved throughout your home. 

What you should consider: This product is much shorter than other tray stand options.

Where to buy: Sold by Amazon


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