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Which stationery supplies for your office are best?

Nice stationery supplies can make working and writing in your office feel luxurious. The paper can be adorned with soothing scenes, animals or simply personalized with your name or initials. These sets usually include at least a dozen sheets of paper and matching envelopes. Some also come with a nice box or organizer to keep it all together. 

The best stationery supply set for your office is the Sophisticated Letter Writing Set by Lamaworks. The high-quality paper is personalized for your custom letterhead in the color of your choice. 

What to know before you buy stationery supplies for your office

What you already have

The unfortunate thing about many quality stationery sets is they don’t include many supplies outside of writing. If you’re just looking for something nice to write on, this won’t be an issue. But if you’re looking for an all-inclusive desk set, make sure the one you get has everything you want or consider purchasing multiple sets until you have it all. 

If you’ve been actively sending letters and memos from your desk for a while, chances are you already have some nice pens or another preferred writing utensil. If you already have envelopes and sticky notes you like, you don’t need to spend the extra money on a set that includes them. 

Your color palette 

If you like to keep your desk in a specific range of colors, consider looking for a stationery set that fits in well. Some stationery sets include several color options so you can change them up with each letter you send. There are classic black and white sets, watercolor sets and even marbled patterned sets available. 

How often you’ll use it

If you write memos and letters every day, you might want a stationery set that offers quantity over quality. Stationery sets typically come in packages of one or two dozen, but you may be able to find larger ones that offer up to 36 or 48 papers and envelopes. 

What to look for in quality stationery supplies for your office


Personalized stationery can add a nice touch to your correspondence. Whether you simply have your initials on your letterhead or your full name, it separates your memos from everyone else’s. If you’re really into it, you can even have a short quote you enjoy at the top or bottom of some custom stationery. However, if you don’t want to personalize it, you can always choose a nice set with no custom options. 

Included accessories

Aside from the standard paper, envelope and pens, some stationery sets include various office supplies. These typically range from push pins and sticky notes to paper clips and mini staplers. These items are readily available at office supply shops if they aren’t included in your kit. 


Make sure the stationery you’re considering is the right size for you before you buy. If you tend to write big, make sure the dimensions of the paper are big enough for you to dictate an entire message. If you have limited space at your desk, make sure the box or organizer won’t take up too much room.

How much you can expect to spend on stationery supplies for your office

Stationery sets for the office usually cost $10-$40, depending on the quality of the paper and the variety of accessories included. 

Stationery supplies FAQ

Are stationery supplies worth the money?

A. Only you can decide if good stationery is a good investment for you, but it can make you look more professional and bring more enjoyment to your writing. If you work from home, all of your stationery supplies are likely tax-deductible. 

Can you mix and match stationery? 

A. As long as the envelopes are the same size and the prints match, you can mix and match papers from different sets. 

What’s the best stationery set for your office to buy?

Top stationery set for the office

Sophisticated Letter Writing Set by Lamaworks

Sophisticated Letter Writing Set by Lamaworks

What you need to know: A handmade and formal personalized stationery set available in white or ivory with the choice of more than a dozen ink colors. 

What you’ll love: It includes high-quality eggshell, 5 by 7-inch paper that is completely customizable. It comes from a responsive seller who emails the customer proofs of the design before shipping to ensure complete satisfaction. You can purchase it as a set of 10 or 20. It’s perfect for thank you notes and short letters. 

What you should consider: There aren’t as many sheets as most stationery sets have, and there aren’t any included accessories. It may take longer to receive your order because it’s handmade. 

Where to buy: Sold by Etsy 

Top stationery set for the office for the money

Gold Butterfly Stationery Set with Box

Gold Butterfly Stationery Set with Box

What you need to know: This is an attractive and subtle butterfly stationery set with a box to organize it all in. 

What you’ll love: Each sheet has a simple butterfly on the letterhead and is 5.75 by 7.75 inches. The paper is smooth, thick and embossed with gold highlights. The set is of excellent quality for the price. 

What you should consider: It doesn’t come with any additional accessories. There are more sheets of paper than envelopes included. 

Where to buy: Sold by Amazon

Worth checking out

Multibey Marble Stationery Set

Multibey Marble Stationery Set

What you need to know: This is a full stationery set with a pen, pad, binder clips and journal, all in marble print. 

What you’ll love: This set has everything you’ll need for your desk, though you’ll need your own envelopes if you plan to send letters. It’s incredibly handy and makes a great gift for beginner writers and office workers. 

What you should consider: The box is often damaged upon arrival, and the pen breaks easily. 

Where to buy: Sold by Amazon


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