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Which winter gloves for women should you buy?

The skin on your hands can take some harsh punishment during cold weather. Even prolonged exposure to the air during a chilly snap can leave your hands with dry skin or chilblains. If you live in an area where extreme cold is a high probability, spending time outdoors makes gloves an absolute necessity. 

But to make sure your gloves can withstand the winter season, you need a pair that’s fit for your climate and lifestyle.

Types of winter gloves for women

Women’s gloves fall into three main categories:

  • Fashion: For the most part, gloves worn for style purposes focus less on comfort and warmth and more on overall look. That’s not to say that they won’t keep your hands warm on a chilly winter day. But they are not likely to be fit for all situations. 
  • Work: Work gloves are made with physical activity in mind. They may not always look particularly stylish, but are effective at keeping your hands protected and warm in the winter. A good example of this category would be winter gardening gloves. 
  • Recreation: Similarly, many recreational activities require gloves, which can have a dual purpose. They keep your hands warm and let you keep your grip.

What to consider before buying winter gloves

  • Size: Bulkier gloves typically come as one-size-fits-all. But for sleeker designs, you may need to select among different sizes so the gloves fit nicely.
  • Fit: Some gloves provide more flexibility than others. Consider how well you’ll be able to use your hands and fingers while wearing them. Mittens, for example, can make it difficult to perform tasks that require finger dexterity. Other gloves come with fingertips that can be pulled back for moments where you need a little more flexibility.
  • Purpose: If you need gloves for day-to-day wear, you don’t need to consider much beyond how they look. But if you need gloves for outdoor activities or sports, you’ll want to make sure they’ll do the job. 
  • Material: Gloves made from materials such as leather, wool or cashmere are not super practical in wet weather or snow. However, in dry conditions they’re warm and comfortable. Gloves with surfaces made from polyester or other synthetic materials will keep your hands dry. The gloves’ internal material also makes a big difference. If you need something warm, for example, look for a soft fleece on the inside.
  • Durability: Some pairs of gloves go through a rough time, especially if their primary use is outdoor activities. If that’s the case for you, make sure you choose a pair that are made from strong material and endure regular machine washing. 
  • Extra features: There are lots of extra features that can make your gloves more wearable. If you’re in a particularly cold climate, look for heated gloves that use wires to generate warmth throughout the material. If you’re on your phone a lot, some gloves come with special material on the fingertips that lets you use touch screens without removing them. 

9 best women’s winter gloves to buy

Best Dimore Winter Gloves for Women

Dimore Winter Gloves for Women

These fashionable gloves are soft, comfortable and will help keep your hands warm through the fall and winter. They come with touch-screen technology that lets you use your smartphone while out in the cold without having to take your gloves off.

Sold by Amazon

Best Geyoga Elastic Cuff Winter Warm Fleece Gloves

Geyoga Elastic Cuff Winter Warm Fleece Gloves

Equipped with an elastic cuff so they can slip under your jacket’s sleeve, these gloves create an insulating effect on your hands and wrist. The warm fleece line keeps your hands warm in winter, and the gloves are machine-washable.

Sold by Amazon

Best Trendoux Winter Gloves

Trendoux Winter Gloves 

These black gloves are made with 50% conductive yarn on the fingertips so you can use your tablet or smartphone without taking off your gloves. They’re thickened to be windproof, have a warm lining and come with triangle silicone non-slip designs on the palms.

Sold by Amazon

Best Fantastic Zone Womens Winter Touchscreen Gloves

Fantastic Zone Women’s Winter Touch-screen Gloves

These fleece gloves are made with breathable material to keep hands warm without irritating sensitive skin. Although they are hand-wash only, they are made with high-density, ultra-soft chenille fabric and have three touchscreen-friendly fingertips on each hand.

Sold by Amazon

Best Isotoner Womens Spandex Cold Weather Stretch Gloves

Isotoner Women’s Spandex Cold Weather Stretch Gloves

This fashionable pair of gloves have vegan leather patches, fleece lining and stretch spandex to give you a comfortable, warm experience through the cold days of winter. The stretch fabric helps the gloves to repel snow and rain, so your hands stay nice and dry.

Sold by Amazon

Best Carhartt Womens Quilted Insulated Gloves

Carhartt Women’s Quilted Insulated Gloves

This set of cold weather gloves is made of polyester with a loop and hook closure and microfiber lining with a stretchy fleece cuff. They’re waterproof and quilted to keep hands dry and warm.

Sold by Amazon

Best Bodvera Thermal Insulation Fingerless Texting Wool Gloves

Bodvera Thermal Insulation Fingerless Texting Wool Gloves

These wool and acrylic gloves have a double-layered elastic cuff and are made with comfortable fabric that insulates your hands during cold snaps. They have flip-up fingertips for convenience, flexibility and style.

Sold by Amazon

Best Vislivin Full-Hand Womens Gloves

Vislivin Full-Hand Women’s Gloves

These lambskin gloves come in a high-end gift box, making them a lovely gift or treat for yourself or a loved one. The full-finger gloves let you operate a touch screen and the lambskin exterior provides grip for activities such as driving or cycling.

Sold by Amazon

Best Alepo Winter PU Leather Gloves For Women

Alepo Winter PU Leather Gloves for Women

The cashmere lining in these gloves will keep hands nice and snug during cold snaps. The elegant design comes from the gloves’ leather outer lining, which is not only high-quality but soft and supple, too.

Sold by Amazon

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