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Which label printer is best?

Small businesses owners need to be efficient and quick on their feet in order to stay ahead of the competition and maintain growth. Purchasing your own label maker can save you hours of time at the post office, printer or delivery counter in the long run.

For those looking to quickly print shipping stickers, small decals, logos and more, the ROLLO Label Printer provides sharp, bold labels and incredibly fast results. Its small size and reputation for excellent print quality make it the best label printer for small businesses.

What to know before you buy a label printer

In order to get the most out of your label printer, it’s important to select one that will meet your needs. For label printer options not described in this article, refer to the BestReviews label printer buying guide.

Printing method

Consumer-grade label printers use thermal technology to print without the use of ink. This means you will never have to worry about having spare ink on hands, as your printer will never run out. However, thermal printing only produces monochromatic results, as you are limited to the color of your stock. 

Connection options

If you are printing labels on the move or where finding access to power may be a challenge, a device that is Wi-Fi or Bluetooth compatible will be the most useful for you. However, if you plan to keep your printing operations stationary, a USB connection is more stable and USB printers will be less costly.


Select a label printer that is compatible with your point of sale platform, as well as your preferred shipping carrier. If you plan to use your phone or tablet to send jobs to your printer, make sure that it will work with your mobile device’s OS.

What you are labeling

Consider where your label will end up and what it may be exposed to. Labels for shipping should be durable enough to withstand the rigors of being sorted by a shipping company. If you are labeling food items that will be refrigerated, consider how moisture and condensation may affect the longevity of your labels. Select a printer that either specializes in exactly the kind of labels you wish to make or is flexible enough to allow you to create what you require as needed.

    What to look for in a quality label printer

    Printing speed

    The speed of your printer can greatly influence your workflow. Choose a printer that is able to quickly produce labels, so you can spend less time waiting and more time doing business.

    Ease of use

    Printing labels should be effortless and fit seamlessly into your workflow. Avoid label printers that require too much of a learning curve regarding their features and software. If possible, select a printer that features an interface or app that you are already familiar with.

    Templates and customization options

    If you are looking to print more than just standard shipping labels or barcodes, consider a printer that allows further design options. Many models allow for creativity in the look and size of your labels. While these options can produce great looking results, avoid features you don’t need that could potentially stand in the way of your productivity.

    How much you can expect to spend on a label printer

    Label printers cost between $100-$220 depending on the features, size and included accessories.

    Label printer FAQ

    Can I print in full color with my label printer?

    A. In some cases, yes. Some models can create full color labels, thanks to special paper that is able to produce color without the use of ink. Most label makers, however, will only print in black.

    Can I power my label printer with batteries?

    A. Some label printers can run off of battery power. This is especially helpful if you need to print labels at outdoor craft shows or in other settings where access to AC power is limited.

    Why should I use a label printer instead of my home office printer?

    A. Label printers are specifically designed to quickly and efficiently produce small, inexpensive labels, whereas a larger printer designed for use in your home office is made to print large images using potentially expensive ink. The ease and efficiency of a dedicated label printer makes it the ideal choice.

      What ARE the best label printerS to buy?

      Top label printer

      ROLLO Label Printer

      ROLLO Label Printer

      What you need to know: A label printer that’s compact, fast and reliable.

      What you’ll love: Able to print one shipping label a second, this printer will boost your efficiency as soon as you plug it in. From sharp, high resolution barcodes to custom logo stickers, this device excels at small printing tasks.

      What you should consider: Some users report that this printer can be finicky when using paper from a different manufacturer.

      Where to buy: Sold by Amazon

      Top label printer for the money

      Phomemo-M110 Label Maker

      Phomemo-M110 Label Maker

      What you need to know: Ideal for price tags and small logos, this printer is an excellent value.

      What you’ll love: Bluetooth compatibility means that you can use this device wirelessly with your phone or tablet. It also works with PC, Android and iOS devices.

      What you should consider: This printer is not acceptable for creating shipping labels.

      Where to buy: Sold by Amazon

      Worth checking out

      Brother P-touch, PTD600VP, PC-Connectable Label Maker

      Brother P-touch, PTD600VP, PC-Connectable Label Maker

      What you need to know: A label printer that features a useful display and comes with a protective case.

      What you’ll love: With its full color screen, this label printer allows you to produce creative labels and see how they will look before printing. This model’s hard, protective case keeps it safe and secure. This printer can be used on its own or connected to a computer via USB.

      What you should consider: This printer can only create small labels and recommends only using label tape from the same manufacturer.

      Where to buy: Sold by Amazon

      Label printer tips

      • Keep extra paper handy. While label printers don’t use ink, they can still run out of paper. Keep a spare roll or two on hand at all times to avoid slowdown.
      • Portable power. If you are working at an outdoor festival or tradeshow and require the use of your printer, consider connecting it to a portable battery pack. Portable power gives you the freedom to work and print where AC power is not available.
      • Avoid waste. While the overzealous organizer who labels every item in their office is a common satirical character, it is easy to want to label everything in sight once you see how easy it is. Avoid the temptation to waste paper by only using labels where they are needed.

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