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Everything you need to know about Apple AirPods Pro 2nd Generation earbuds

While we’re not getting any new devices — such as a VR headset — from Apple this fall, last week’s Apple Event did reveal some remarkable upgrades to its existing line. One product graduating into the second generation is the immensely popular Apple AirPods Pro. Although you can’t buy these high-tech earbuds yet, you can preorder them right now on Amazon. We highly recommend you do just that if you want to be one of the first to own this upgraded version.

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What’s new on Apple AirPods Pro 2nd Generation earbuds?

Electronics-Best AirPods Pro 2nd Generation earbuds

H2 chip

The big upgrade to the Apple AirPods Pro is the addition of the powerful new H2 chip. This meticulously designed chip not only offers high-bandwidth connectivity and seamless handoff between devices but enhanced audio. Apple’s AirPods Pro have a low-distortion driver paired with a custom amplifier to deliver greater clarity across a wider range of frequencies.

Personalized Spatial Audio

The revolutionary Spatial Audio feature that makes it sound like you’re in the middle of the music has been upgraded as well. You can now make a personal profile that takes into account the size and shape of your head and ears to customize Spatial Audio for an even better listening experience.

Advanced Active Noise Cancellation

Thanks to the H2 chip and a couple of other tweaks, Apple was able to upgrade its Active Noise Cancellation feature. The technology is so adept at identifying disruptive sounds that it offers up to double the amount of noise cancellation as the original AirPods Pro earbuds. The addition of a set of extra-small ear tips helps people with smaller ears have a better listening experience as well. 

Adaptive Transparency

The big change to the Transparency Mode is it can selectively limit high-decibel sounds. For example, if a fire engine races by while you’re in transparency mode, the AirPods will protect your ears from the potentially damaging volume.

Increased battery life

While the increased performance would seem to mean a decrease in battery life, the H2 chip has an energy-efficient design, which actually increases battery life by up to 33%. This means you can get up to six hours of listening on a single charge, or up to 30 hours by using the included charging case. Additionally, the case can now charge on your wireless Apple Watch charger or any MagSafe or Qi-compatible chargers.

Precision finding

Each AirPod can individually play a sound to help you locate the earbuds if you ever misplace one or both, and the case now has a built-in speaker that helps you know when the AirPods are finished charging. Even better, the case is compatible with Apple’s Find My app so you can pinpoint its exact location if it’s ever lost. You can also trigger the case to play a sound when it’s nearby and you just can’t see it.

How much do Apple AirPods Pro 2nd Generation earbuds cost?

With all the inflation and rising prices we’ve been experiencing since the pandemic, you’ll be pleasantly surprised to learn that Apple has not raised the price of its AirPods Pro 2nd Generation earbuds. They still cost $249.

How to preorder Apple AirPods Pro 2nd Generation earbuds

If you’d like to be one of the first to receive the new Apple AirPods Pro 2nd Generation earbuds, all you have to do is go to Amazon and click the orange “Preorder now” button on the right-hand side of the screen. The earbuds will be released on September 23.

Other earbud options

Electronics-Best Powerbeats Pro Wireless Earbuds

If you’d like to consider other earbud options from Apple, you can still get the original Apple AirPods Pro Wireless Earbuds (while supplies last), Powerbeats Pro Wireless Earbuds or Beats Fit Pro x Kim Kardashian.

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