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Where to find the best toner for sensitive skin

A lot of people with sensitive skin get acne, and some struggle with scarring and redness long after a blemish has cleared up. A good toner can even out your skin tone and help your skin heal. Using a toner after you wash your face will brighten dull skin, tighten pores, control oil production and leave it feeling refreshed. When it comes to finding a toner for sensitive skin, it’s best to consider your skin-type and the ingredients listed in the product. 

What to consider before buying toner for sensitive skin

Skin type 

No matter your skin type, sensitive skin can be difficult to manage. Whether you have oily, dry or combination skin, make sure you have the right products to support your skin type. 

  • Oily skin: If you have oily skin, look for a facial toner with a lightweight gel formula that reduces oil and cleans the dirt out of the pores. If you suffer from acne, consider toners with benzoyl peroxide.
  • Combination skin: If you have combination skin, use a lightweight gel toner to get rid of excess oil while providing moisture to ensure the skin stays hydrated. 
  • Dry skin: If you have dry skin, look for a toner with a soothing formula. Clarifying toners that provide moisture and absorb well into the skin are a great choice. 


Once you figure out your skin type and the type of toner formula that works best for you, make sure to check the ingredient list. If you have sensitive skin, choose a toner that contains ingredients that will soothe the skin, such as chamomile, aloe vera and amino acids. Avoid toners with alcohol as this ingredient can strip the skin of natural oils and leave it feeling tight and dry.


Most essential oils are all-natural and can help skin in numerous ways. However, those with sensitive skin should try to avoid products with essential oils and chemical fragrances. When purchasing a facial toner for sensitive skin, opt for a fragrance-free or unscented product. This will ensure your toner doesn’t cause any irritation. 

Toner for sensitive skin prices

Toners for sensitive skin cost anywhere from $8-$45 depending on the size of the bottle, the ingredients and the brand. However, since you will likely use a toner every day, it’s a good idea to buy in bulk when you find one that works for you. 

Tips for using toner for sensitive skin

Apply toner as the second step in your skincare routine. First, cleanse the face and pat the skin dry with a soft towel. Then, apply the toner either using a cotton ball or with your fingers. Gently smooth the toner into your skin, and then continue applying other serums and moisturizers. 

Make sure your facial toner is completely dry before applying another product. You can also apply toner to your decolletage to even and tighten the skin around the neck and chest. 

Toner for sensitive skin FAQ

Are toner and astringent the same thing? 

A. An astringent is a type of toner that absorbs excess oil. This is not a great choice for those who have dry skin. A toner should help moisturize the skin and contains little to no alcohol, while an astringent usually contains alcohol and can strip the skin of needed moisture.

Do I need to use facial toner every day? 

A. The use of facial toner depends on your skin tone and the instructions in the product description. If you have dry skin, try using your toner every other day, depending on the suggested use. Those with oily skin can use a toner once or twice a day, in the morning and at night. Before using a toner, check the product description and instructions so you know what to expect. 

Best toners for sensitive skin under $20

Dickensons Enhanced Witch Hazel Hydrating Toner With Rosewater

Dickensons Enhanced Witch Hazel Hydrating Toner With Rosewater

This gentle cleanser hydrates the skin with rosewater, hyaluronic acid and vitamin E. It has 98% all-natural witch hazel and moisturizes the skin while refining pores. It is dermatologist recommended and contains no parabens, dyes, sulfates or gluten. 

Sold by Amazon

Thayers Alcohol-Free Unscented Witch Hazel Toner

Thayers Alcohol-Free Unscented Witch Hazel Toner

This alcohol-free cleanser uses 100% natural witch hazel to clean dirt and oil off of the face. The aloe vera provides gentle relief for irritated, red, blemished, burned or dried skin. It is free of parabens, dyes and scent, making it safe for those with sensitive skin. 

Sold by Amazon

Best toner for sensitive skin under $30

Paula's Choice Resist Weightless Advanced Repairing Toner

Paula’s Choice Resist Weightless Advanced Repairing Toner

This product uses active ingredients such as Niacinamide to tighten and smooth the skin. The peptides firm the skin while the resveratrol calms the appearance of redness. This toner helps brighten the skin and replenishes moisture.

Sold by Sephora

First Aid Beauty Ultra Repair Wild Oat Hydrating Toner

First Aid Beauty Ultra Repair Wild Oat Hydrating Toner

You can use this product after cleansing to hydrate and balance the skin. The oat milk helps calm the skin, while the honey and hyaluronic acid soothe and reduce redness. After using this product, the skin looks plump and more even.

Sold by Sephora and Ulta Beauty

Best toner for sensitive skin under $45

Kiehls Calendula Herbal Extract Alcohol-Free Toner

Kiehls Calendula Herbal Extract Alcohol-Free Toner

This toner reduces redness and improves the condition of your skin. It’s alcohol-free, so it’s perfect for those with sensitive skin. And the calendula flower petals ingredients help control oil production and even out the skin. 

Sold by Sephora

Youth to the People Kombucha +11% AHA Exfoliation Power Toner

Youth to the People Kombucha +11% AHA Exfoliation Power Toner

This toner should be used as a part of a nighttime skin routine. It features a blend of lactic acid and glycolic acid to smooth and tighten the skin. It has fermented kombucha, which works as a prebiotic to enhance the skin’s microbiome. 

Sold by Youth to the People and Sephora


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