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Which car seat covers are best?

Whether you drive a standard or luxury vehicle, you can’t go wrong with a car seat cover. Car seat covers hide stained and worn seats or protect pristine, new ones. Black Panther Universal Seat Cover With Backrest is a faux leather seat that adds class and protection to your vehicle. With these seat covers, you will never worry about your or passengers’ clumsiness getting anything on your seats.

What to know before you buy a car seat cover


Car seat covers fit either the front seat or back seat. Front seat covers are recommended for people purchasing a seat cover to protect it from driver and front passenger use. Back seat covers are larger and more costly, as they take up the entire back row of your car. These seat covers are more common for people who have pets or children. 


These accessories are sold individually and in sets. Front seat covers are sold individually or in pairs and are styled to cover one chair. Sometimes front seats are sold in tandem with backseats, providing a complete interior makeover for your automobile. Back seat covers are often sold independently and cover the entire back row, not a singular seat.


Car seat covers are handy for hiding damage as well as preventing further damage to your vehicle’s interior.

  • They protect your seats from natural sunlight which fades and wears out the fabric faster.
  • They repel moisture from spilled drinks, rain and sweat.
  • They offer general protection from the inconsiderate whims of animals and children, such as scratching and spilling drinks. 

Suppose you regularly clean your car, prohibit food and drinks and are generally careful. In that case, you may still want coverings for aesthetic purposes: to add cushioning, change up the interior style or make old seats look new.

What to look for in a quality car seat cover


Consider safety above all else when choosing a new fabric to pull over your car seat. It should be designed with airbags and seat belts in mind, having holes so both devices work properly. Front covers are compatible with side-airbags and seat belt latches, while back covers are compatible with at least two of three backseat seat belt sets.

Proper size

Most seat covers are “universal size”, fitting most standard-sized vehicles. Keep in mind that the one-size-fits-all style is not guaranteed to stretch attractively over your seats, only to protect them. Sports and classic cars do not meet “universal size” prerequisites.


Car seat covers fasten to seats in many designs. They have buckles, hooks, elastic drawstrings, headrest loops, zippers, velcro or buttons. A car seat cover is made with the fastener that best suits its style. Covers with single fasteners slide and billow when you’re getting in and out of your vehicle. With this in mind, look for covers that fasten in several different places.


Seat covers are made of various fabrics, and each one has its pros and cons.

  • Cotton, polyester and velour are perfect for general-use seat covers. They are soft and comfortable but not especially durable or waterproof.
  • Faux leather or vinyl is easy to clean and looks luxurious. However, if you park outdoors, be aware that it gets painfully hot in the summer and bitterly cold in the winter.
  • Canvas is recommended for people in manual labor jobs. These covers are waterproof and durable but not comfortable.
  • Neoprene is a popular fabric for beach-goers. It is the same textile found in wetsuits, and it is water-resistant.

In short, if you’re looking for a casual cover for general use, cotton, polyester or faux leather is best suited for your lifestyle. If you are an active individual in sports or trade, neoprene and canvas are better options.

How much you can expect to spend on a car seat cover

Front and back car seat covers generally cost $25-$65.

Car seat cover FAQ

Can you use seat warmers with car seat covers?

A. Most car seat covers are compatible with seat warmers, but always check an item description to verify.

Do seat covers damage your original upholstery?

A. Seat covers are built to protect your original car seats and should not cause damage. However, avoid blanketing expensive leather car seats with budget covers; cheap fabrics bleed dye and scuff fine leather when rubbing against it.

What’s the best car seat cover to buy?

Top car seat cover

Black Panther Universal Seat Cover With Backrest

Black Panther Universal Seat Cover With Backrest

What you need to know: This diamond-patterned car seat cover comes in eight colors and is made of luxurious faux leather.

What you’ll love: This individual seat cover is polyurethane and faux leather and has a non-slip back. It fastens to your car seat with buckles, hooks and elastic, which keep it firmly in place. It is airbag-compatible and fits most standard-sized cars.

What you should consider: It does not cover the sides or back of your seat. 

Where to buy: Sold by Amazon

Top car seat cover for the money

Copap 4pc Baja Front Seat Cover

Copap 4pc Baja Front Seat Cover

What you need to know: This seat cover set includes two polyester seat covers and two safety belt covers that come in nine colors.

What you’ll love: This seat cover is made of a saddle blanket fabric that cushions your bottom and protects your seat. It has a striped pattern that fits over the entire chair, including the headrests. A foam and disc-style hook keep the cover in place, and it is airbag-compatible.

What you should consider: It looks ill-fitting on some car seats.

Where to buy: Sold by Amazon

Worth checking out

4Knines Dog Seat Cover

4Knines Dog Seat Cover

What you need to know: This polyester backseat cover comes in black, gray or tan and protects your seat from pets.

What you’ll love: This seat cover is a unique hammock style that attaches easily with loops over the headrests. It is resistant to high temperatures and has a non-slip backing to keep it in place during car rides. There are five layers of fabrics for seat protection, and there are openings in the material for seat belts.

What you should consider: Energetic animals might dislodge the hammock-style cover.

Where to buy: Sold by Amazon

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