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HUNTSVILLE, Ala. (WHNT) — Our final Remarkable Women finalist’s nomination came from a husband who took over his wife’s role as the work-from-home parent during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Rebecca Winters is a wife, mother, family law attorney and volunteer. She worked from home and raised the kids while her husband, Emory, worked in the office. That all changed when COVID-19 shut things down in March 2020.

Emory told News 19 that it was overwhelming when they first made the change, “I think that switching of roles is what really made me realize, ‘Oh my gosh,’ how much was on your plate before this? Because you were running a business [and] definitely fully engaged in our family.” He admitted he struggled day-to-day with that feeling.

“I’m overwhelmed by the fact that you can manage everything that you do, and not just completely break down every day at about 3:00 p.m.,” Emory says to Rebecca during our interview.

Rebecca says their method to success is working together, “It’s a big partnership.”

She passed the bar exam in 2015 and started her business in 2016. She said she actually started out wanting to be in news, and then switched to Political Science.

Rebecca and one of her daughter’s celebrating her graduation! (Photo: Rebecca Winters)

“I came back to Huntsville and worked reception at a law firm and just saw the impact that it made on people’s daily lives and decided to go to law school,” Rebecca said,

She attended the Birmingham School of Law’s weekend program so she was able to keep her current job. The couple got some unexpected news, “We surprisingly got pregnant with our first child in my second year of law school. Then, I found out we were pregnant with our second, about six weeks before I took the bar.”

As a working mother, it’s very important to her to make sure her children know that you can do it all if you set your mind to it. She says, “I’m homeroom mom for both of my girls’ schools, coach soccer, volunteer and pick them up from school. It’s just really important for me to show them that you can do it all and you can be successful at doing everything.”

Rebecca’s drive to do it all is what led her to start her own business. As most know, when you work that traditional “9 to 5” and work for someone else, it puts constraints on your hours or how you spend your time while at work.

It inspires me when they say, “I feel like you understand what I’m going through.”

Rebecca Winters

“I wanted to be a mom since I was very little and I wanted to make that a priority. So when I opened my own business, I did it with the goal to bring my kids to work with me.” So, that’s what Rebecca did.

Her daughter, Nora, was only a few weeks old when she opened her first office in Downtown Huntsville. “I always told my clients, “Hey, I have my infant with me. Do you mind?” And I never once had any negative feedback,” Rebecca said. Sometimes, it often helped soften the mood since family law can include tough conversations. She told News 19 that her clients even brought their own children sometimes.

Rebecca doesn’t take credit though, she gives credit to the people that have paved the way for women to have a career and be a mother. She says, “Just seeing my clients, knowing they can relate to me… They may get an email from me at 4:00 a.m. or 10:00 p.m. It inspires me when they say, “I feel like you understand what I’m going through.”

Her advice to women and others who are trying to have that “perfect” work-life balance? “Just don’t stop. And don’t let someone tell you that you can’t do it because you can. You know every day is not perfect, as much as I wish it were. And I fail all the time, but I don’t want that to hold me down. I start every day as a new day.

Rebecca Winters

Rebecca is the fourth and final finalist in our Remarkable Women showcase. News 19 will announce Tennessee Valley’s 2022 Remarkable Woman on April 3 during News 19 This Morning. You can read more about our other three finalists by visiting the Remarkable Women tab on