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Each day at Manna House starts with prayer.

Director Fran Fluhler is a mother with a full-time job, but she enjoys balancing that with this, her passion for giving.

“It fills my love cup. When I come here, I feel important to someone who has a need because I want to help them meet that need.”

Whether someone’s obstacle is mental health, addiction, poverty, these services come with no cost and no judgment.

“We’re here to provide food, clothing, baby items, whatever you need pretty much,” Fluhler said. “We’re going to try to meet that need.  Everyone is welcome at Manna House. It doesn’t matter what age you are, what race you are, what educational level you are.”

That goes for the clients they serve, and the people working side by side to keep it going.

“Manna House is my passion,” Fluhler said. “I love being in this environment with all these amazing people, who all have jobs, all have other things to do.”

Fran has served hundreds of families daily for sixteen years. She created this, but she wants no credit.

“When people try to express gratitude to me I remind them it’s not me,” she said. “It’s all of this community with me that’s out here trying to help them. It’s not me, It’s totally a we.”

She said she doesn’t need recognition, she just wants to be there for people, complete strangers, through their personal storms.

“And they get out of their crisis, then come back and serve alongside me.”

Here, in this space she leads, somewhere between the needs met, the clients’ stories of triumph, and the selflessness of strangers, ‘work’ doesn’t feel like work for Fran.

“You can’t work in that environment and not grab it, you can’t work around a smile and not grab it and when you start serving, your spirit gets more generous.”

She’s inspired here, while watching her creation change lives. She gives her time, her money, herself because she loves what this place does. And her reason why is simple.

“My why is Jesus, I love how He has blessed me to bless others and I get up every day and say, ‘Lord help me be a blessing.’ I want to make a difference. Even if it’s just to one. I want everyone I come in contact with to know how much they’re loved, how much he cares for them and how He’s there for them.”

We appreciate all of you who nominated a remarkable woman here in north Alabama. Fran is the first of four finalists and we’ll tell their stories.

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