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It’s no surprise that there are serious trailblazers in north Alabama, nor is it surprising how many of you wanted to make sure the women in your school, workplace, church, in your life, had recognition.

Our four local finalists were drastically different. The thing they share is selflessness and humility.

Like Jessica Davenport, who started a foundation to pay for research on the rare, potentially fatal form of dwarfism her children live with; because she knows there are other kids, and families, like hers, who also need options.

“There are a lot of amazing women in our area that do really, really incredible things,” said Davenport. “I think their passion is what drives them, and I think sharing that for the world to hear is amazing.”

Or Rosalyn Thompson-Blackwell, a retired lieutenant colonel who started a business solely to fund the nonprofit she started after her son Miles passed away.

“There’s always going to be that defining moment when you decide ‘what will I do next,’ and women should think, ‘anything,'” said Blackwell. “Anything you want it to be, it can be as successful as you want it to be.”

Then there’s Andrea Williams, who runs a group home for adults with disabilities.

“Any mom has always been remarkable,” Williams said. “If she has the flu, she’s still washing clothes and folding towels. It’s that kind of grit that makes women especially special.”

Or Fran Fluhler, who runs Manna House, feeding, clothing, and helping hundreds of families daily. She agrees spotlighting change agents is important for the next generation of remarkable women.

“Our young people need to know, ‘hey this woman’s doing this,’ and that in itself is contagious to inspire someone to say ‘hey I have an idea and I’m going to do go do that.'”

We thank you for nominating them, and giving us the chance to highlight them, and we hope everyone sees how lucky we are to have women like this in our community.

But there can only be one local semi-finalist.

It was a hard job for our panel, but north Alabama’s Remarkable Woman of 2020 is Andrea Williams, executive director of 305 8th street.

She says it’s the clients that keep her going.

“The residents are remarkable but i cannot believe in a million years that out of many deserving individuals that I would be a finalist in this remarkable woman thing,” she said. “It’s a humbling experience.”

We celebrate these four women, and every woman, for Women’s History Month. WHNT News 19 and Nexstar Nation thank you for always raising the bar.

Miss Andrea Williams won a free trip to New York City to attend the Mel Robbins show. From the local winners around the country, one woman will be selected as Nexstar’s Woman of the Year!

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