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HUNTSVILLE, Ala. (WHNT) — When you walk into the Schrieber’s home, you see family photos spread across the walls and piles of toys. A big family fostering love, led by News 19’s third Remarkable Women finalist, Jamie Schrieber, and her ‘number one’ fan and husband, Josh.

Jamie is a wife, mother and nurse who looks around her dinner table and says, we can make room for one more.

Josh and Jamie met in high school, “I hit the jackpot when she married me,” Josh told News 19 during their interview.

(L to R) Josh and Jamie during their interview with News 19. (Photo: WHNT)

Jamie not only juggles her family of 10 and a job as a Registered Nurse, but she also deals with Type 1 Diabetes. “I don’t have an immune system,” Jamie said. She has to undergo a monthly infusion, low-dose chemo and steroid treatments to maintain a healthy immunosuppressant balance.

The COVID-19 pandemic was especially hard on their family as Jamie needed to take every precaution to avoid getting sick. But, that didn’t stop them from opening their doors to children in need.

“We have food in our fridge, we have extra beds upstairs.  We live so comfortably why not just share that with kids who need food, a home and safety, “ Jamie said.  

The Schriebers have an 11-year old, 9-year-old, 4-year-old, three 2-year-olds, a 1-year-old and a newborn baby. If you counted, that is eight children under one roof. Three of those children are biological, four are adopted and one is a foster.

Over the last six years, Jamie and Josh have fostered 30 children of all ages and health conditions, “While I’m not working in the field, I get to use my nursing skills with medically fragile children we get.”

Jamie playing with two of her children. (Photo: WHNT)

In their household, while Jamie says her perfect day is being with her kids, she and Josh agree that they cherish bedtime to wind down from the day.

How does she get through those tough days? “I don’t let anything get me down. You just have to keep going… We live for the Lord. Every day is His. We just live it out as best as we can.”

Her husband Josh nominated Jamie for Remarkable Women and you can read the nomination letter below:

“Jamie has the biggest heart of anyone I’ve ever met. She works tirelessly for her family and community. Together we have fostered 30+ children over the past 6+ years. Most of those were special needs, medically fragile or drug babies (or a combination thereof). We have adopted 3 babies and are working towards finalizing a couple more. Jamie is a dedicated Registered Nurse to kids in the Huntsville City School system. She has a heart for serving and treating and loving sick kids all day then coming home to do the same for her own crew. She fights Type 1 Diabetes and does not let it or any of her other many health conditions slow her down. She has to undergo monthly infusion and low-dose chemo and steroid treatments to maintain a healthy immunosuppressant balance. She is a leader and encourager in the community and our church. She is admired and respected for her wisdom and counsel and quiet resolve in the midst of daily chaos. She is patient and kind and an amazing wife. Her husband hit the jackpot.”

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