HUNTSVILLE, Ala. (WHNT) — As a part of the Remarkable Woman campaign, LaToya Dorsey, the 2023 Tennessee Valley Remarkable Woman of the Year, traveled to L.A. for a three-day celebration of Remarkable Women from all across the country.

LaToya is a hometown girl. She’s passionate about her family and helping children achieve their dreams… not to mention, she’s also an engineer. Her husband, Carl Dorsey, submitted a beautiful nomination letter for Remarkable Women, and it absolutely captivated our judges’ hearts.

You can read more about why LaToya was chosen as the 2023 Tennessee Valley Remarkable Woman of the Year here.

LaToya traveled to the Golden State this past year, sharing her work as a community STEM leader in the Tennessee Valley. She sat down with News 19’s Alexa Harley to share some highlights from her trip to LA, as well as talk about the inspiration she has brought to her community.

“So we were actually, it was actually a pampering event for us, kind of a humbling experience because a lot of us just referenced that we’re not used to that. But it was good to have someone recognize the things that we have been doing within our community and to share those things with other women,” LaToya said.

That level of recognition isn’t something that LaToya, admittedly, is used to and as she pointed out, neither were many others on the trip. “I don’t think there was not one day that myself and the other women, that we didn’t cry because it was just amazing to see what we have been doing and how it affects our community.”

But she not only inspires other remarkable women – she inspires her children as well.

“My daughters went everywhere with me. They probably didn’t want to, but they did, they traveled with me everywhere… I always made sure that they got involved and tried to do the activities that I was helping other kids with because I wanted them to see that this is something that they could be inspired to do and thankfully both of them are in STEM in college right now.”

If you have a Remarkable Woman like LaToya in your life, News 19 wants to honor women across the Tennessee Valley as part of our Remarkable Women campaign, and we need your help!

Nominations are open until November 30, 2023, and News 19 will begin highlighting the amazing women chosen in Spring 2024. 

All eligible nominations will be considered. Four of those will be chosen, and one will be selected as the Remarkable Woman of the Tennessee Valley and will move on to Nexstar Media Group’s nationwide, Remarkable Woman of the Year.

You can nominate a remarkable woman in your life here!