How to find WHNT News 19 on Snapchat

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WHNT News 19 has expanded it’s social media presence. The TV station joined Snapchat!

While it’s a different way for us to communicate with you about what’s happening in the Tennessee Valley, we’d also like you to use it to communicate with us.

See a great weather scene? Snap us!

See breaking news? Snap us!

Or maybe you just have a question for us…Snap that too!

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We know Facebook and Twitter, while still very popular, don't dominate the social media world like they once did. Snapchat has an estimated 200,000,000 monthly active users.

For at least one family we caught up with, Snapchat has become a great mode of communication for the entire family. Mom Crystal Hartwell uses the app with all three of her kids. It's an easy way for the military family to reach extended family members across the country.

And experts say it's good for parents to get involved on social media, "When the child first starts going online, they`re going on with their parent together, Like a student driver. As that child shows skills and feels comfortable, they back off more and more and have more conversations, but less monitoring."

So, how do you find WHNT News 19 on Snapchat? Well, you can scan the "snap code" at the top of this story. Or just search us out! You can find us with the name "WHNTNews19."


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