Blair Davis talked to Josh Herren, the President and CEO of Yulista Holiding LLC, about the notable progress Yulista has made since acquiring StraitSys and how it has changed its strategy. Yulista started a tech services group about a year ago, and StraitSys fits right in with the group and handles a lot of cyber and data analytics programs for Yulista.

Tim Strait is the leader of the organization and has given new ideas to Yulista, bringing some AI into the conversations. Josh said this was one more step for them to set into the technology area and domain and move Yulista into the next phase as an organization.

Blair asked what leadership policies Josh leans on to establish the kind of success the company has seen, he responded with “trust and culture,” he then went on to talk about developing a marketing plan around the team, as much as around a customer base. They spend as much time marketing to the team about what is needed, what is going on, and what is important. Then they bring in capable leaders, like Tim Strait from StraitSys and Lynn Troy from Troy 7. Josh did share credit with all of the people along the way who have helped develop and grow the company and build a positive culture.

Josh shared with Blair some cool projects coming up, like more facility development and another round of acquisitions in the 2024-2025 time frame. For more information on Yulista Holding LLC, visit their website.