Blair Davis had the chance to talk to Josh Herren, President/CEO of Yulista Holding LLC, about how they plan to support the modernization effort of the U.S. military and what role Yulista will play.

Josh said that modernization is Yulista’s core business. They started doing that work in 2002 in Huntsville with one employee. They partnered with the Prototype Integration Facility and have grown that whole organization with the government to almost 1,000 people working on the modernization effort here in Huntsville. One thing that is unique to Yulista compared to a big OEM company is it sells its modernization services instead of tying into one specific product.

Blair asked Josh what leadership principles he leans on to accomplish being an incredible CEO and leading a sustainable, and successful team. He explained that knowing Yulista needed to stay in the front end of space and missile defense they would need to acquire some companies to bring in some more talent and leaders.

Those companies were Troy 7 and StraitSys. Tim Strait and Lynn Troy have integrated into Yulista and provide a great example of the culture, where they take two very talented leaders who lead good organizations and integrate them with the rest of the leaders of 19 other subsidiaries at Yulista and let them execute. Josh then figures out what they need, and how to be more competitive.

Josh says the key is to trust your team and hire really good leadership. Visit their website to find out more about Yulista Holding LLC.