Blair Davis went to YKTA to talk to Brian and Hannah about the hiring event they are holding. YKTA, Inc. is three companies combined: Y-tec, Keylex, and Toyotetsu. YKTA is a supplier company for Mazda Toyota, which makes body and chassis parts in their welding department, along with stamping parts used in the welding department.

YKTA is holding a hiring event with 40 positions in their maintenance department, where the pay scale recently increased from $25 to $33 an hour. To help employees better balance work and life, they are implementing a 2:3:3 rotational 12-hour schedule. This schedule includes off days during the week and off days on the weekend alternating weeks.

Requirements are a 2-year associate’s degree or four years of experience in a related field. PLC skills in the mechatronics area are a must.

To learn those skills, the FAME program through Wallace State or Calhoun will allow you to be hired through the school as a sponsor company while allowing you to work in the field while going to school.

There are plenty of advancement opportunities at the beginner level and advancement opportunities within the company to grow. To apply or for more information, visit their website.