Matt Abbott is not just any lawyer, he is The Outlawyer and makes insurance companies pay claims. Blair asked how the name Outlawyer came about, and Matt explained that friends and clients would always say he did not look or act like a lawyer and they did not feel like they were talking to a lawyer when talking to him, and some people told him he was more like an outlaw lawyer.

Matt said the concept behind Outlawyer is: him, being himself, and he is 100% Americana, USA, red, white & blue, and rock and roll. That is the way he tackles what he does for a living, and what he does is; he helps good people when they are in bad spots.

Matt is a graduate of Grissom High School, he went to community college at Calhoun, lived in Decatur for a while, and has helped people all over the state for almost 25 years now he wants to focus a lot more of his attention on the people of the Tennessee Valley.

Blair asked Matt for one piece of free legal advice, which was: if you are injured and waiting on the insurance company to do the right thing, or be fair with you, stop. If you are hurt, what you need to focus on is getting better, not wrestling with an insurance company. That is what Matt does, and he wants to take that off your shoulders.

If you’re interested in more information about the Outlawyer or need his services, please visit his website.