Blair Davis talked to Brandon Welch, co-owner of Sunset Bicycles, about the importance of bicycle repairs. Sunset Bicycles not only sells bicycles and accessories but also, does repairs and service in the store.

Is it important to get your bike serviced? Brandon explained that in the south, you may have an awesome spring day that happens in the middle of the wintertime, and if your bike is not tuned up, then you miss that opportunity to enjoy that ride. This time of year, they have fewer repairs coming in, so they can get them done quicker than in the spring.

Should you get your bicycle serviced annually? That all depends on how often you ride and what type of riding you do, according to Brandon. He explained that Monte Sano spits up and chews out mountain bikes, so those repairs may be needed more often than someone who rides only road bikes. A lot of wear and tear on road bikes are tires and chains.

Sunset Bicycles can also repair e-bikes. There are two parts to an e-bike: the bicycle and the motor and electronics. Brandon said they have had to learn the motor and electronics side, with help from their dealers, and sometimes it’s just a matter of plugging into a computer and getting diagnostics.

How long do you have to wait to get your bike back? Brandon told Blair that it varies depending on the time of year. In the Spring and Summer, it is often around two weeks on turnaround times, In the winter months, it’s two or three days in a lot of cases.

You can book an appointment, so that you can schedule your time away from your bicycle, on their website.