Blair Davis had the chance to meet with Brian Land, the founder of Smile Awhile Inc, and learn more about his fantastic organization. Smile Awhile Inc. offers cancer patients a ride in an exotic car.

In 2010, Brian was diagnosed with Chronic Lymphocytic Leukemia. When Brian was undergoing chemotherapy, he saw a Facebook story about a little boy dying of cancer, who loved exotic cars so people brought five exotic cars by for him to see. Brian decided if he ever had enough money to buy an exotic car, he was going to buy one and take cancer patients on rides.

Some patients have told Brian that while they are on their ride, they forget they are battling cancer. This service provides smiles for the patients and their families, offering a chance to see their loved ones smiling and happy.

Smile Awhile gets its patients from St. Jude and other hospitals, but about 90% come from Clearview Cancer Institute. And the best part, it’s completely free for the patient. While the patient rides for free, the cost of each ride is estimated at around $200, so donations are always appreciated, and you can do that, here.

Each rider gets a t-shirt and a video of their entire ride. You can watch videos of some of the rides, or donate to this great organization here.