Blair Davis sat down with Tommy Siniard from Siniard Law to discuss a common occurrence, neglect in our nursing homes. Statistically, 4 out of 10 people report neglect or abuse during nursing home stays. Most nursing home patients cannot speak for themselves or research where they are going. One tip, if you have loved ones in a nursing home, is to check the Alabama Department of Public Health website.

The ADPH provides reports on inspections of nursing homes in the state, which gives you the ability to research how nursing homes did in their yearly inspections.
If you have a loved one who has experienced neglect or abuse while staying in a nursing home, you can contact Siniard Law, where you can speak to Tommy, his son Bart, Harrison Lane, or former judge Dennis O’Dell about your case.

Broken bones from falls when people are not properly assisted, bed sores, medication errors, and dehydration are all types of cases that do not require litigation. Siniard said a crazy piece of Alabama Law is that if you do not file the case before the person dies, the injuries die with the person.