Blair Davis sat down with Joseph Herlihy and Darlene Donovan of The Good Feet Store to discuss the benefits of Good Feet Arch Supports and The Good Feet Store.

The Good Feet Store provides a personalized, precision fit for all four arches in a person’s foot that fit your lifestyle. The Good Feet Store Arch Supports are different from all the other arch supports on the market; they take your footprints, measure your arch length, and you will get to try out the very arch supports that day that you will walk out of the store with on the same day.

Anybody can benefit from Good Feet Arch Supports, from athletes to moms on the go. It is possible to find that the back pain you are suffering from can be relieved by good arch support, no matter who you are. Since arch supports provide a good foundation, they can help alleviate all types of issues and discomfort you suffer from, stop by The Good Feet Store to find out more.