Blair Davis sat down with Dr. Jimmy Shaw, Superintendent of Florence City Schools, and discussed the recent Niche Best Schools Report for 2023, which ranked Florence City Schools the seventh-best district in the state. Dr. Shaw said that their people are the reason they are successful, and they have great administrators, teachers, students, and community support with the parents, and this ranking validates all their hard work.

Florence City Schools focuses on careers and college readiness, and two of their programs got some statewide recognition. The Launch program is a semester or year-long internship that allows students to try different career fields. 12 For Life is a Work Force Ready class that teaches students how to be responsible employees.

But if you are looking for a place where your child can learn dance, and how to write or engineer a song, then Florence Academy of Fine Arts is the perfect place for them.

Florence City Schools’ vision is “Tomorrow Today,” and they feel like their job is to be able to put students in the successes of tomorrow while they have them today.