The 7th annual Adult P.R.O.M. is coming up. Wiley Day, the owner of Day II Entertainment, stopped by, along with the royal court, and talked to Blair Davis about the upcoming event, which is being held at the Jackson Center on September 16th.

Day II Entertainment organizes community events for people to come together and have a good time but to party with a purpose. Downtown Rescue Mission is one of the prom’s causes, and they are asking all attendees to bring an umbrella or poncho for the unhomed community. The members of the Royal Court are also raising money for their cause of choice, so you can truly party with a purpose.

Blair asked Wiley what makes P.R.O.M. so special he replied that it is People Recreating Old Memories. This event provides the chance to re-create, relive, and even erase old memories as an adult.

Blair asked about the dress code, Wiley explained that the event is Red Carpet Ready, and tuxes are always welcome but Wiley says he wants people to come how they feel because they are “dripping in finesse”.

Get your tickets here, and do not forget to vote for the Prom King and Queen!