Editor’s Note: We have updated this article to reflect Johnny’s proper name: Johnny Taylor. The video could not be edited.

Blair Davis sat down with Johnny Taylor, Sales Manager from Billy Ray Taylor Auto Sales. The two discussed the upcoming Cullman Used Car Blowout Sale, which will take place at the Cullman County Fairgrounds October 26-31. The sale will consist of six car dealers coming together with their entire inventory to offer one big sale.

This event shows the unity among the Cullman auto dealers while offering more cars for sale, which means better deals for individuals. Why should now be the time to buy a used car? Johnny explains that prices keep going up, and they look like they will continue to, so now is a great time to buy a used car.

The Cullman Used Car Blowout Sale will offer great deals, and wholesale buyers will be on-site for trade-in opportunities. The dealerships involved in this massive sale are Billy Ray Taylor Auto Sales, Heath Attaway Auto Sales, Cullman Auto Mall, Bill Smith Used Outlet, Jeremy’s Auto Sales, and Truck Country. This sale is gathering together the six largest auto dealers in Cullman, so there are guaranteed to be some great sales.