What is identity theft? Simply put, it is any unauthorized use of your personal information, such as your social security number, credit card, or bank account information to perpetrate fraud or any other criminal activity.

The best way to ensure you do what you can to avoid identity theft is to shred important documents with your personal information. Remember to be careful what you put out on social media, and never send emails with your bank account or personal information.

Elizabeth and Lindsay, from the BBB, stopped by the studio to talk to Blair about the BBB‘s upcoming Shred Days across the Tennessee Valley. Shred Days provide the opportunity to drop off old documents or electronic devices, that are no longer needed, to be shredded on-site.

The BBB is hosting four shred days this spring, all from 9 am to noon.
April 14th in Florence at the Florence Lauderdale Collesium
April 29th in Huntsville at Calhoun Community College
May 6th in Decatur
May 13th in Cullman at the King Edward Plaza Shopping Center

These events are free to North Alabama consumers and residents. You can bring up to three large bags or boxes of paper documents, but please remove any metal from the papers beforehand. Keep any TVs, tablets, and cell phones to under 100 lbs, but you can bring any electronic device that has personal information or you no longer need. For more information visit the BBB website.