Karen Reeves, President of the Better Business Bureau, along with Lee Reaviel, President of Stratagem Solutions, talked to Blair Davis about the upcoming Torch Awards. The BBB is getting ready for the 26th annual Torch Awards, which honors businesses in North Alabama whose leaders exemplify outstanding ethics and integrity in their business practices.

Leadership character, company culture, community, and customer engagement are what they are evaluated on by a panel of local business and community leaders. Lee Reaviel said Stategem Solutions was previously selected by the BBB as the veteran-owned small business recipient. Lee said that the Better Business Bureau strives to marry buyers and sellers to further develop the trust between everyone participating, and they do the same thing at SSI.

The Torch Awards has had a scholarship program for high school juniors and seniors for the past 22 years. Students submit an essay on business ethics, this year the BBB, through the generosity of their credited businesses, they will award 13 high school students throughout North Alabama with scholarships.

The Torch Awards are Wednesday, November 15th from 11:30 to 1 at the Weston. To purchase tickets, visit the BBB’s website or call their office.