October is Beef Month. Ali Cantrell, an Alabama Cattleman’s Association member explained to Blair that back in the 1960s, feeder calf prices were down, and cattlemen needed a way to make more money and bring prices back up. So they decided to make October Beef Month and help bring awareness to the cattle industry to those who did not grow up on the farm. The first week of the month is Beef Week, and they will be going to different local establishments across the state and doing discounts on beef. Cowboys will be reading books at schools, and there will be festivals where cattlemen will go and host booths with giveaways. Locally, you can stop by West End Grill in Huntsville and see Ali for different giveaway items. If you have a favorite beef dish at a local restaurant, go to bamabeef.org to nominate them for Bama’s Best Beef over the entire month. Get the recipe for the t-bone that Ali prepared and more at beefitswhatsfordinner.com or go to the Alabama Cattleman’s Association to see a list of cuts that will give you a big bang for your buck.