Mark Montgomery, General Manager of AFS Foundation and Waterproofing Specialists, recently talked to Blair Davis about what AFS does. AFS is a foundation and waterproofing company specializing in foundation, waterproofing, and concrete repair. Founded in 2000, AFS’s goal is to take care of customers’ greatest asset, their homes.

Blair asked Mark how, as a homeowner, water in the home affects the home and the owner. Mark explained that water can come in through the foundation walls of the residence, causing mold, and odors, and breaking down the structural integrity of the home.

AFS has different methods they use to eliminate water from entering the home and to give it a place to go if it does get into your home. Some signs that you may have a problem are: standing water in your basement, mold on the basement walls and cracks in the blocks inside or outside the home, damp smells and foggy windows, and heavy humidity.

The best way to keep water away from around your home would be to have gutters and downspouts that are properly installed and regularly cleaned of any clogs and debris. AFS has recently begun installing a 100% self-cleaning gutter that is guaranteed not to clog and has easy serviceability.

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