MADISON COUNTY, Ala. (WHNT) – Kevin Free with the Salvation Army sat down to explain how organizers are working towards the goal for both individuals and families to have access to emergency and transitional resources during a time of personal financial crisis.

Free explains the challenges faced as the Salvation Army works on finding housing, along with how many people they help find it in the area.

The Salvation Army has programs meant to help ease the transition back to normality for those looking to turn their lives around. This, in hopes those coming out of their programs can be employed and reach financial independence; however, they look to help get them on their feet monetarily until that happens. Now, it is more difficult with the rising cost of housing. They use donations towards transitional and affordable housing options for those they serve, along with the programs they offer.

As a United Way partner in the county, The Salvation Army is committed to moving people forward through their help.