(WHNT) – Impact America is a nonprofit organization that aims to improve lives through health, education and financial initiatives.

The nonprofit takes recent college grads and uses their skills to offer education-based initiatives while learning about and addressing community needs surrounding poverty.

Impact America is now recruiting AmeriCorps members by going to career fairs, colleges and universities, along with using social media.

“We look for people who are passionate about service,” Keyy Broadnax, recruitment manager with Impact America, explained. “We are a community-based organization, so people who want to get out into the community and serve their community, as well as students who are interested in bridging the gap between what they’re learning at university and trying to figure out what they want to do.”

As far as a time commitment for AmeriCorps members, it can be anywhere between six months to a full year, with rolling start dates based on when someone graduates.

Benefits for AmeriCorps members include a monthly living stipend, education award and health insurance for full-time.

Alabama AmeriCorps runs “Focus First,” a vision screening program for pre-school age students, and “Save First,” which provides free tax preparation as well as financial literacy training.

To get involved, email recruiting@impactamerica.com or visit impactamerica.com.