Hack HSV II challenges innovative high school students in hackathon

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HUNTSVILLE, Ala. - In the context of a hackathon, "hack" is used to describe how students work together to beat the clock as they create something new and innovative.

At Hack HSV, participants in teams up to five trade their sleep for a day and code any project they want in an environment optimized for creativity. These projects can vary in platforms from web development to mobile apps, and even Scratch.

At the end of the event, participants will showcase their projects to fellow hackers, parents, and judges and have the chance to win amazing prizes. At Hack HSV, we want to inspire high school students across Alabama to create something exciting and rewarding!

Hack HSV is taking place at Randolph Commons at Randolph School in Huntsville on February, 24. Anyone ages 13-18 from any part of the world can participate!

Items needed to attend the event:

  • Parent's Approval and $20 Registration Fee
  • Computer with charger
  • Student's Acknowledgement of Code of Conduct (will be given at registration the day of the event)

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